Covid Information

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We are doing the nasal pharyngeal Covid and Rapid Covid test in our office.  If you come in to be swabbed, you will have an office visit.  We are not a drive-in testing facility, and we do not have the rapid Covid test in our office yet.  

Pharyngeal Covid Test
Specimens are sent in to the lab, and the lab can take up to 3-5 days for results to be returned.   We will contact you when your results are received.  If your results are negative, you will get a text or call that the results are negative.  If results are positive, we will call you with the results.

Our lab (pathgroup) has also made this link available for patients to have their test results emailed to them as soon as tests are final.  Click here, to create an account and the results will be emailed to you. The Event Location will be Gateway Urgent Care, and the phone number is 615-225-2070.

Rapid Covid Test
Specimens are processed in office and you will get your result during your doctors visit. 

Stay healthy!

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