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Sports Physicals

At Gateway Urgent Care our goal is live out our mission statement of ‘Our Family Caring For Yours' There have been many interruptions in our lives and schedules in the past few months and Gateway wants to continue to do all we can to serve our community during this time.

Why do we do a comprehensive sports physical for $10 when every other office charges $65? At Gateway Urgent Care we firmly believe that when you come to our office for something as simple as a pre-participation physical that you will immediately see and feel the difference of our office. We pride ourselves on unmatched service, compassion and the most up to date, comprehensive facilities and services available anywhere around. We believe that when you need us for a more complex issue we will be your first choice to provide the best Urgent Care for your immediate need!

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Question: Why is it important for my children to get physicals prior to the start of their sports season?
Answer: Just as adults should talk with a physician before starting any new exercise program, children need to be evaluated prior to participating in a new sport season. A sports physical, also called a pre-participation physical exam or PPE, helps determine if it’s safe for your child to play a given sport.

Question: What is all checked, recorded and tested during the sports physical?
Answer: During the physical exam, your child’s height, weight, blood pressure and pulse will be recorded. Posture, strength, flexibility and joint function will be evaluated, and your child’s heart, lungs, and abdomen will be examined. Vision will be tested, and the ears, nose and throat will be checked.

Question: What is this information used for?
Answer: Using this information, the provider can address any health concerns that could interfere with your child’s chosen activity, make adjustments to medications, and provide advice on how best to maximize sports performance. An annual PPE also allows providers to educate young athletes about heat illness, supplement use, concussion, and other sports-related health issues.
Another important component of the pre-participation evaluation is baseline concussion testing. Baseline testing is a way to measure normal neurological function. Should the athlete suffer a concussion, that baseline exam can help clinicians follow recovery and aid in return to school and return to play determinations

What does Seth Weathersby say about Sport Physicals?

– Besides backpacks and books, back to school also means sports physicals for high school and college student athletes. Under Tennessee state law, students are required to have a physical examination before engaging in school athletic activities.

It’s a good precaution to take, says Seth Weathersby, PAC, owner of Gateway Urgent Care, which is conveniently located on Medical Center Parkway in the heart of the Gateway.

“It really provides a way for parents, students and teachers to make sure that the kids who are out there playing are ready to do so,’’ he said.

“Kids always think of themselves as indestructible but it’s good to know that they are right condition for school sports and that nothing has changed since their last examination.’’

Gateway Urgent Care provides sports physicals that look at a student’s medical history, as well as evaluate cardiac, lung and neurological functions.

In addition to fulfilling state requirements, sports physicals can also provide a valuable heads-up that a kid’s heart is not functioning like it should be. Weathersby estimates that one or two students out of every 100 who undergo sports physicals find a heart condition that needs further checking.

“You don’t expect to see problems in young people and when you do, you want to make sure it gets checked out.’’
The exam can take as little as 15 minutes. Gateway Urgent Care charges $10 for the exam and offers them after hours for added convenience.

“We have a lot of parents who come in after work and get this taken care of. We’re happy to offer this service because we know how crazy life schedules can be for families.’’

Student athletes also must think about protecting themselves against heat exhaustion. With practices now beginning, students frequently are playing in 90-plus degree temperatures.

“Kids push themselves and they don’t realize how devastating the heat can be,’’ Weathersby said.

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