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How To Break a Fever


How To Break a Fever When your body experiences an increase in body temperature, it is known as a fever. A fever can be indicative of a number of things—from a bacterial infection to an inflammatory condition. While it may not seem like it, a fever is actually good for your body, as [...]

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At Home Allergy Relief


At Home Allergy Relief What to do when allergies are in season. Seasonal allergies affect people during the spring, summer and fall when tree, grass and weed pollen takes to the air. The best way to prevent symptoms, such as itching, watery eyes, sneezing, cough, stuffy nose and headache, is to limit contact [...]

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How to Remove a Tick?


Summer is here and Tick seasons is starting Summer means flowers blooming, birds singing, outdoor activities—and ticks biting. Learn how to recognize and remove a tick before it becomes a big health problem. Removing Ticks Ticks bite because they must consume the blood of a host to reach the next stage in their [...]

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